Why PR is Right For You

By Erin Mcguiness

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some hire public relations officers.” – Daniel J. Boorstin

So what actually is “PR”? This is a recurring question I get when I tell people I am a PR major. Public Relations is building a mutually beneficial relationship between your client and the public through the use of effective communication, media relations and create print and digital copy material.

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Farewell For Now

After a fantastic year of watching the success of our chapter, the rest of the executive board and I unfortunately have to pass the torch on to the next executive board. Though we do have two returning members of the Executive Board, the rest of us will be moving on to search for new adventures in the PR world. This was an amazing year. Whether it was attending the National Conference in Atlanta, the Regional Conference hosted by the University of Alabama PRSSA chapter, or PRSA Real World in Atlanta, Georgia Southern was represented by several members of our chapter in exciting fashion. We thank you all for the opportunity to serve as your officers for this chapter, and we look forward to seeing you all again in the future if the opportunity arises.

2015-16 Executive Board

President Ethan Flynn
Vice President Ayanna Gant
Secretary Crislyn Petzoldt
Treasurer Kelsey Anderson
Managing Editor Randy LaMons
Creative Producer Ginger Bondurant
Liaison Rachael McLellan
Historian Shannon Madden
Social Media Manager Nikki Grant
Webmaster Michael Fennell

2016-17 Executive Board

President Shannon Madden
Vice President Crislyn Petzoldt
Secretary Elisabeth Dichiara
Treasurer Natalie Morris
Managing Editor Kayli Quirk
Creative Producer Ali Farmer
Liaison Cabby Johnson
Historian Anna Maley
Social Media Manager Erin McGuiness
Webmaster STILL OPEN

For more information about the Webmaster position, and taking on the responsibility of managing this website, please contact myself at mf03134@georgiasouthern.edu.

Signing off ONE MORE TIME, your 2015-16 Webmaster Michael Fennell. Go Eagles, and Hail Southern!

The New Executive Board

2016-17 Executive Board at Sweetheart Circle

From Left, Elisabeth Dichiara, Kayli Quirk, Cabby Johnson, Anna Maley, Shannon Madden, Natalie Morris, Erin McGuiness, Ali Farmer, Crislyn Petzoldt

2016-17 Executive Board

Congratulations to the 2016-17 Executive Board voted in on Tuesday, March 29! Returning executives are Shannon Madden and Crislyn Petzoldt, welcoming seven new executives with the Webmaster position still open.

President Shannon Madden
Vice President Crislyn Petzoldt
Secretary Elisabeth Dichiara
Treasurer Natalie Morris
Managing Editor Kayli Quirk
Creative Producer Ali Farmer
Liaison Cabby Johnson
Historian Anna Maley
Social Media Manager Erin McGuiness
Webmaster STILL OPEN

For more information about the Webmaster position, and taking on the responsibility of managing this website, please contact myself at mf03134@georgiasouthern.edu.

America’s Best Communities

First off, the PRSSA Executive Board of Georgia Southern would like to thank Elena McLendon and Sydney Walsh for coming to the meeting Tuesday, February 2, to talk about about the Downtown Statesboro Development Authority. As they mentioned, Statesboro is a Top 15 community out of the entire country, making it a semifinalist for the competition! We have until April to prove that we deserve to be one of the eight finalists for the $3 million first place prize.

Want to help out? You can contact Elena McLendon at the contact information below. The DSDA has many events planned throughout the year for fun and restoration in the Statesboro community. As Georgia Southern students, we are a part of this beautiful city. So let’s give back in the best way possible: volunteering. Don’t forget to bring your friends and help DSDA Get After Those Aspirations!

You can find out more by clicking the links below.

Elena McLendon, Office Manager

Statesboro, America’s Best Communities
Statesboro, DSDA
Competition, America’s Best Communities

Welcome to Spring 2016!

From your PRSSA Executive Board, we would like to welcome back returning members to the new year and new semester, and to incoming members and potential members, we extend our warmest greetings (especially since winter decided to show up late). We hope you have a fantastic start to the semester and an even better 2016!

Blog and Newsletter

Looking for a few good reads? Check out our blog with posts written by Managing Editor Randy LaMons and his committee! Visit https://prssaatsouthern.wordpress.com/ or view the most recent articles on the right sidebar.

Need to get caught up with PRSSA at Georgia Southern? The newest newsletter is in, courtesy of Liaison Rachael McLellan and her committee! See what the latest is for the chapter with the attached document.

Social Media Cleanse

By: Kelsey Anderson

Welcome Back Eagles! I hope you all had a great break and a great first week back to school. The second week is where things start to get real and school picks up. This week in my Public Relations Writing class my Professor, Lori Mallard, was giving us a lecture on social media. In this lecture, she gave us many helpful tips that I thought would be great to share with the rest of the PR community.

  1. Private vs. Public Profiles
    • As PR professionals, we have to consider all aspects of social media before we can jump right in. When creating a profile it is crucial to weigh the pros and cons of a private profile or a public profile. With a private profile you can control who is allowed to follow you, however, this can also hinder you because your tweets become private too. People who don’t follow you can’t respond to messages you send them and they can’t see anything you tweet. In a sense, it’s as if you don’t really exist with a private profile.  On the other hand, with a public profile, anybody can see your tweets and retweet you but this also means that anybody can follow you without your permission. This can bring unwanted attention or content to your professional account. This actually brings me into the next tip.
  2. Check Your Followers
    • In order to maintain a professional profile it is best to frequently check your followers especially if your page is public. Along with checking your followers, you also need to check to see whom you are following. Delete people whose twitter content does not align with your professional goals. This could mean deleting your best friend off your professional twitter account but that’s why we also have personal twitter accounts so hopefully they won’t be too mad.
  3. Follow News Sites
    • Since we are also pursuing fields with some degree of PR, we need to be up-to-date on news. Professor Mallard advised us to follow three to four news sites but they should vary in content. You should have conservative and liberal news, national news, international news, and local news all on your timeline. It’s important to know what’s happening in the world around you but it’s also important to have different views and perspectives of that news.
  4. Follow Feeds Related to Your Interest
    • This was another tip Professor Mallard gave us that had never occurred to me. I follow tons of accounts about the various aspects of PR but I’ve never followed accounts that are specific to the field I want to study. For example, one student said they were interested in sports, so Professor Mallard told them to follow GSU Athletics to see how they run the sports at Georgia Southern from a Public Relations perspective. She also said it would be good to follow different types of schools in different states to see how they run their Public Relations for sports. So whether your interest is in healthcare, entertainment, fashion, sports, technology, education, etc., make sure you follow relevant accounts so that you can be up-to-date with new ideas coming from that field.
  5. Be Consistent
    • It’s extremely important to be consistent and professional when choosing an account name for all social media accounts. For example, if your name is Carrie Bradshaw you might choose to make all your account name CarrieBshaw or CBradshaw or something similar. The goal is to keep the same name across all platforms of social media, which you can then place on your résumé. This will help employers with making sure they review your accounts and not somebody else with a similar name to you. I’m sure you would hate to have your résumé passed over because you were mistakenly linked to a social media account that isn’t yours.


I hope you find these tips helpful to you in cleaning up your social media accounts in preparation for the professional world. If you have, any other helpful tips tweet us @PRSSAGaSouthern with the hashtag #SocialMediaCleanse and if you are not already following up go ahead and do that too! Also, follow our other twitter account set up for our upcoming regional conference @BrandYourself15 and be on the lookout for more updates.

Tips to Finish the Semester Right

By: Kelsey Anderson

As the holidays approach us, it’s setting in that the fall semester is quickly coming to an end. These last few weeks of the semester can be a very stressful time for many students because of the workload. In my three years of college, I have picked up on a few useful tips and I think it is only right that I share these tips with all of you.

  1. Whatever you do, DON’T PROCRASTINATE
  • Procrastination is your worst enemy in college and I know this all too well. As much as we try to be proactive in our work (which is also very, very important in Public Relations) we all fall victim to procrastination. What I find helps best is to keep a schedule. If you plan it out and start early, you can reduce your stress level and you will feel more prepared and confident for your final assignments and exams.
    • Planning is also an important part of Public Relations, so how you approach your assignments now will directly affect how you approach your work once you’ve enter the field.
  1. Study In Moderation
  • Studying is definitely necessary and very important, but in moderation. Trying to cram tons of information in one sitting is no good. You need to take breaks. You may feel like you will forget the information if you get up and leave but taking breaks is a good way to make sure you retain the information. If you can come back from a break and be able to break down the main points from a chapter, then you know you have grasped the concept.
    • Oh and if you plan on going to the library a.k.a Club Hendy, make sure you get there early because it will be a madhouse during finals week. You might even want to bring food, a blanket and a pillow. (Oh yes, it is that serious)
  1. Balance Work & Play
  • The balance between fun and work is very important especially during the last weeks of a semester. Since we are all striving to be professionals with the field of Public Relations, it is important that we are able to juggle multiple things all at once while maintaining a balance between work & fun.
  1. Breathe !
  • As students, we tend to stress ourselves out because of the pressure we feel to succeed; most of the time we bring this pressure onto our self and so it helps to take a step back and breathe. College is an experience that should be enjoyed and if you are always stressed out, you won’t enjoy it. Remember to keep calm and breathe and I promise you that you will make it through the final weeks of the fall semester.